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'Our Happy Place'.. the Fit Inn Fun Farm is our wildest dream!!!!!

About Amy

Athletic, energetic, outgoing (sometimes loud), organized, fun, confident, compassionate, creative, educated, competitive, well traveled, adventurous and all around kind of awesome!!!

Personal training is my passion with goals of helping women who have given their lives to their careers and/or to raise their families a way to find themselves again through fitness, healthy nutrition, getting motivated to get back on their feet and realizing there is still a lot of life out there just waiting for them!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and a sponsored elite OCR athlete. Loving to learn, I enrich my health, wellness, nutrition and exercise knowledge by constant continuing education courses & seminars.

Spartan, Bonefrog, Battlefrog, Savage and Tough Mudder OCR races have been a significant part of my life since 2013. I have competed in Obstacle Course Races (OCR) across the globe including many podium finishes including OCR World Championship races. Sponsors/Ambassador contracts have included LegendBorne, BondiBand, The Confetti Bar, OralIV, Legend Race, Hylete to name a few.
Our mission is to provide a retreat for anyone needing a little hope, love, laughter, peace and happiness in their life.

The Fit Inn is a safe, healthy, nurturing place to refuge.

Our hearts desire is to change lives by building confidence, feeding friendships & enriching hearts. We do this through finding balance, boosting spirits, giving freely, being available, focusing on the good, supporting dreams & loving unconditionally❤

Our Lake Norman life began in February 2019

we had no idea the love that would be poured into and out of at 186 Digh Circle. The story is still writing itself.... God is making amazing things happen here at the Fit Inn.

COVID has touched our lives just as everyone else. With great losses, we have turned our lemons into Lemonade by being available for new opportunities for us to be involved in our community and feel the abundance of loves coming and going everyday!

By being available due to work slow downs, we have filled our hearts & time creating the most magical happy place our minds didn't even have the capability of dreaming up. Our happy place, the Fit Inn Funny Farm. Combining our new love of goats, pigs, chickens, barn cats and of course Bentley with constant love of nutrition and personal training we now have the greatest workout/party ever!!!! Goat Yoga Wild Workouts...its not just yoga, not just a workout & not just goats its a party! Yay!

We want to share this enchanting area of our home, all of our sweet funny farm family and our lives with our community and beyond.

Personal Training: What to expect on your journey

A typical training session includes a mix of weights, TRX, bodyweight, BOSU ball, resistance bands, etc for better balance, strength and endurance using different variables to train the muscles and keep each session different and exciting. I understand what it's like to dislike parts of your body and it is the best feeling when my clients begin to love what they see in the mirror and how they feel!
I look forward every day to training harder, getting stronger, running faster and defying my age and I want to bring others along with me! I will push, challenge and encourage my clients with workouts while building them up from the inside out! The results are a more confident, leaner~stronger body, a calmer mind, more energy, deeper sleep, healthier eating habits and an all around happier person!

What our clients think about Fit Inn?

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